Herslev Bryghus is more than a brewery

Herslev Bryghus is an organic farm brewery near Roskilde Fjord. We harvest the grains for brewing beer from our own fields and we work together with other local, organic food producers to use each other’s resources and by-products. We believe companies should nourish their local community, and sustainable production and local cooperation are essential components in our business model.


Our beers

It goes without saying, we’re major beer nerds. To get the best malt for brewing, we grow the grains ourselves (organically), and do what we can to use local flavours. It’s only fun when we strive to be the best, and we have high demands throughout the production chain: from the moment we sow, through harvesting, to roasting the malts, brewing and tasting.


Our soil

In Herslev, we strive for positive change. We do that by promoting sustainable farming and working together locally.

We farm our own crops right here at the brewery. Our fields are the source of our malt, and thereby our beer. The better soil, the better beer. It’s essential to work with our local community to get crops of the quality we need.

For that reason, we have founded a socioeconomic enterprise with other local forces, so we can use each other’s resources, by-products and ideas. We call ourselves A Part of Herslev, and at the moment we are Herslev Bryghus, Østagergaard, Friis-Holm Chocolate, Herslev Grønvirke, Birthesminde, Kattinge Kraut, Hanebjerggaard, Lejre Mikropøls0mageri and event maker Dorte Kiilerich.

The farm shop

Our farm shop is the largest (and the only) café in Herslev. We have beer, coffee and lots of hygge. We cook lunch and dinners with the lovely stuff that grows around the farm. We boil sirup of our beers, pickle greens, bake bread, and sell the products from our partners in A Part of Herslev.

The focus is beer, good down-to-Earth food and local produce.


With the seasonal ingredients we cook hearty meals, arrange beer tastings, guided tours and beer yoga with our in-house instructor!

So take a look at our event calendar — which is also where you buy tickets for the experiences.

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Kattingevej 16, Herslev, 4000 Roskilde 25
Tlf.: 46 40 18 07

Gårdbutikkens åbningstider januar-marts 2019:
Køkkenet har åbent fredag – søndag  10:00 – 17:30

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