Pale Ale

Herslev Pale Ale was the first beer we put on the market, and still one of the most popular. It’s an English-type Pale Ale, amber in colour, round, full body, with the hops bringing moderate bitterness to the aftertaste.

India Pale Ale

Sharp bitterness, fresh and rich, brimful of organic hop varieties; Bravo, Calypso, Centennial, Simcoe, Nelson. A staple in our range, with the hops taking main stage: Fresh scent of citrus, fruits and flowers, with lots of balance from deep malts.

Our IPA is inspired by the American IPA traditions, making it stronger and more hoppy than the English. The large volume of hops is the main flavour in the beer, bringing a sharp bitterness to the full body, as well as citrus, fruits and flowers. The colour is straw yellow.

India Dark Ale

In this one, we work with contrasting elements: The freshness of the hops against the depth of the malts.

The hops provide a rich bitterness like in our IPA, but the IDA is dark, not pale, because of the roast of the malts.

The resulting balance may surprise you: Instead of a beer that might’ve been heavy like the Porter with the raw bitterness of the IPA, you get the lightest of both worlds: The bitterness is rounded by the sweetness of the malts, and the malty depth is made fresh by the hops.

Our India Dark Ale brewed with several aromatic types of hops, bringing a flavour of fresh hops and citrus. English chocolate malt create a silky finish. Organic India Dark Ale has a smooth head and a fresh bitterness.

Double IPA

Organic Double IPA is brewed with barley malt, wheat malt, unmalted oats and several organic types of hops from all over the world, such as Cascade and Simcoe. The nose is fresh hops and citrus, and there is a significant bitterness from the hops, typical of a Double IPA.

Hoppy Pils

A bastard beer, taking the best of the pilsner, commingled with the fresh fruitiness of the IPA.

Our Hoppy Pils is brewed in the German pilsner tradition, since dry hopped with Simcoe, Bavaria and Comet hops.

Our Hoppy Pils is inspired by the German pilsner tradition, dry-hopped with Simcoe, Bavaria and Comet. Hoppy Pils takes the best from a pilsner and combines it with fresh fruitiness associated with IPAs.

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