The farm shop

Everything we produce and brew here in Herslev is for sale in our farm shop. We have flour, beer vinegar, the world’s best chocolate (officially!), cuts of Angus and pork — and of course the entire selection of beers from Herslev. When we do succesful, small-scale experiments we also have them on tap in the farmshop, often exclusively here.  

Our kitchen serves the best of the day’s harvest. We don’t have a fixed menu, instead Marianne lets the day’s ingredients inspire her. The only thing that’s for certain is that it’ll be seasonal, local and organic, provided by our partners in A Part of Herslev:

Flour and crispy bread from Østagergaard, chocolate from Friis-Holm, pork from Birthesminde, fermented products from Kattinge Kraut, beer vinegar and condiments from Herslev Grønvirke, beef provided by our own cattle. When we cook, we use the greens from Stensbølsgaard. We host several events in the farm shop as well, such as our dinners, culinary beer tasting and Christmas lunches. Stay tuned in the event calendar!



The winter and spring are brimful of events. With the seasonal ingredients we cook family-style meals, brunch or three-course dinners. We arrange beer tastings, guided tours and beer yoga with our in-house instructor!

So take a look at our event calendar — which is also where you buy tickets for the experiences.

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Kattingevej 16, Herslev, 4000 Roskilde 25
Tlf.: 46 40 18 07

Gårdbutikkens åbningstider januar-marts 2019:
Køkkenet har åbent fredag – søndag  10:00 – 17:30

Butikken har åbent for salg alle ugens dage 10 – 16 (eller til køkkenet lukker)

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