Our pilsner is brewed from the Czech model, with our own barley malt. The colour is straw yellow, and the nose is fresh hops, leaving a bitterness and a rounded edge. It’s a malty, strong pilsner type.

Hvedeøl (Wheat Beer)

A good wheat beer should be rich and smooth, with a silky feel and head – yet still fresh, with a light tartness and hoppiness keeping the balance. In our version, the combination of smoothness and fruitiness makes for a nuanced velvety experience.

The yeast brings the fruitiness to the beer, while the wheat provides the silky feel. The color is sun yellow and the nose is fruity.


Organic porter is a melting pot of malts: barley malt, wheat malt and münchener malt. The beautiful black colour of the beer is from the roasted spelt, and the balance and softness is from the English chocolate malt and cane sugar. The head is thick, light brown, and the texture is creamy. The aroma is dark caramel with notes of ripe fruits like plums and raisins, a bit of mocca and the bitterness of dark chocolate. A round and silky porter.

Landøl (Farmer's Beer)

Danish ale. The organic Farmer’s Beer is inspired by the old Danish farmer’s beer: a thirst quencher during working hours that used be brewed on the farms in days of yore. We wanted to produce a beer with a low alcohol percentage, without compromising on the taste. Organic Farmer’s Beer has a malty flavour from a handpick of lightly roasted, organic malts. The bitterness is moderate, with a fruitiness from the high fermentation.

Høst (Harvest)

Our Organic Harvest is inspired by the North French beer type, Saison. It’s a light and hoppy beer with a fresh acidity. A classic Saison is spicy, bubbly and fruity — and so is ours. Traditionally, Saison was brewed during winter by the French farmers, so they had something to drink in the fields in the summer.

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