HAY Pure (MARK Hø)

HAY is a new type of beer, brewed on spontaneously fermented hay cultures from the fields around the brewery. It’s acidic and fruity, since it’s wild fermented — but without any of the hoppy bitterness. A terroir beer, brewed 100% with the flavours of our fields in Herslev. 

HAY Pure is the pure taste of wild fermented hay beer; fresh, tart and nuanced.

HAY Barrel Aged (MARK Fadlagret)

Barrel Aged HAY has aged in barrels that previously contained whisky and our own Stjernebryg (Star Brew). It’s vinous and strong, with clear tannins from the barrels and a round body to finish off the sourness.

HAY Hemp (MARK Hamp)

In this one, we’ve added hemp, bringing a strong and spicy aroma to the tartness. It’s a deep and auburn sourbeer with surprising nuances. And the hemp is grown by Søren Wiuff 

HAY Apple (MARK Æble)

The sweetness of the apples and the fresh acidity from the wild fermentation — with 3,7% alcohol. The combination is both refreshing, interesting and light. HAY Apple was created for summer days and garden parties, or an elegant refresher for winter aperitifs. With local Discovery and Filippa apples.

HAY Cherry (MARK Kirsebær)

HAY Cherry is a variety of HAY brewed with local cherries. It has a vinous balance between Stevnsberg cherries and wild fermentation, elegant and not too sweet. While it’s less sweet than HAY Apple, they’re both very suited for aperitifs.

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