Our beer

Lokal (Local)

Local is a series of beers that are all about down-to-earth craftmanship. They’re very diverse, but they’re all harmonic and round; beers for drinking after a long day working the fields, or the office cubicle.


HAY is a new type of beer, brewed on wild fermented hay cultures instead of hops. All the beers in the series are sour and fruity because of the wild fermentation — but with none of the bitterness from hops. The inspiration behind the HAY-series was to make a terroir beer from Herslev: A beer with our landscape ingrained in the flavour, 100% made of Herslev.

Kant (Edge)

Edge is a series of beers with a hoppy profile and a strong bitterness. These are beers that challenge the tastebuds a tad more. We work with a broad expression of hops, and how it interacts with different types of malt. The beers in this series come in all colours, from the light Hoppy Pils to India Dark Ale.

Sæson (Season)

Season is a series of colours and atmosphere, created by local flavours and seasonal spices. This series has a wide range, from classics like our dark Stjernebryg for Christmas time, to our May brew Asparagus Wheat Beer.


Mjølner Barley is vintage from 2008, 2009 and 2010. The beers have aged on wood and steel barrels, and have a deep port wine flavour from the aging on barrels. They vary in colour, from chestnut to mahogany. Barley wine is a strong type of ale, with a high alcohol level. Ours are between 10-11%

Why do we brew beer in Herslev?

Short answer: Because we’re major beer nerds. It’s no fun brewing if we don’t strive to brew the best, and we have high demands of every part of the production. From the development of recipes, picking the local flavours, brewing and the tasting.

Brewing begins with sowing seeds in spring. The beer is only as good as the grains, so we grow it ourselves. Our organic malt carries the beer, and comes from our barley fields. We also use wheat, oat and rye, that each contribute with their scents, colours, aromas and body to the individual brews. The hops is not just for bitterness. We choose the best English, German, Czech and American hops. We’d prefer to use Danish hops, but it’s not grown in large enough volumes to meet our demand. In the fall of 2018 we’ve grown some hops here at the brewery and done a small batch of pilsner with our own hops, and we hope to be able to do more of that in the future.

We use no enzymes, preservatives or GMOs.

Kattingevej 16, Herslev, 4000 Roskilde 25
Tlf.: 46 40 18 07

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