The scents and aromas of summer, brewed with the entire birch tree.

Each summer we fell a birch tree and use the entire tree in our summer brew Birch; The bark, the catkins, the leaves, juice and wood. The result is a light beer with a spicy freshness. The bitterness is interesting, derived from both hops and wood, and we’ve brewed it using the Abbaye Ale yeast usually associated with Trappist type beers. The Abbaye Ale spiciness is contrasted by forest aroma and the mild pepper of the leaves. It’s a seasonal beer with all the scents and aromas of summer, rounded by the bitterness of the hops.

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Alc. vol





12.5 % P

31 DKK



  • Øl- og Chokoladesmagning torsdag den 12. november

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  • Øl- og ostesmagning torsdag den 5. november

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  • Ølsmagning med FANGST og rundvisning torsdag den 29. oktober

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  • Julie er yogalærer på Herslev Bryghus

    Øl-yoga med Julie 6. december

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