Stjernebryg (Star Brew)

This award-winning heavyweight is dark and deep like a starry winter night. The depth is courtesy of the high alcohol level, attained from the sweetness of the malts, and balanced by the bitterness of Cascade hops. With a hint of star anise and coriander. It’s a trappist style beer, brewed with Abby Ale yeast that goes beautifully with the malts. The high alcohol level is rounded and stems from 100% malts, no added sugars.

Juleøl (Christmas Beer)

Our Christmas Beer is a red ale, brewed with barley malt and wheat malt, and spiced with organic oranges. It’s a dark beer with a fresh nose, full of character but easy to drink.

Påskebryg (Easter Brew)

Organic Easter Brew is inspired by the American Pale Ale. We’ve used the best types of organic malt for a full bodied malt flavour, and the flowery, citrus-like bitterness from the hops to create a clean, sharp taste of spring.

Forårsbryg (Spring Brew)

The color is innocent and sunny, but don’t be fooled. Spring Brew is a heavyweight, with deep malts and high alcohol levels. It’s brewed with Abby Ale yeast like our Star Brew, but contrary to the norm of Abby Ale beers, it’s light and brimful of hops. The balance is between the sweetness of the malts, the depth of the alcohol and the citrus of the Cascade hops.


Inspired by Belgian tripel. Our Organic Spring Brew is our own barley malt and a bit of our wheat malt. It’s a high fermentation beer with a golden hue, fruity nose and full-bodied aroma, sweet and bitter with a touch of citrus from the Cascade hops.

Asparges hvedeøl (Asparagus Wheat Beer)

We’ve mixed the aromatic tartness of asparagus with the silkiness of our Wheat Beer.

The result is a beer perfect for the month of May; when the sun rises early and you feel like fresh produce and spriggy food. Our Asparagus Wheat Beer is definitely a beer that goes well with food; any kind of asparagus-friendly dish; the fresh, the elegant and the light.  brewed with Søren Wiuff’s asparagus.

Rugøl (Rye Beer)

A high fermentation beer, brewed with rye malt and local honey, inspired by old Danish beer traditions. The rye gives a strong malt flavour, with the aromatic sweetness of the honey. The sweetness is balanced by the hops, bringing bitterness and citrus to the aftertaste.

Birk (Birch)

Birch is our summer beer, and we grind and entire birch tree from the nearby woods in the brewing process: Bark, catkins, leaves, wood and juice. It’s a light beer with a spicy freshness and interesting notes of bitterness from combination of hops and wood.

We’ve brewed it with Abby Ale yeast: A Belgian yeast type typically used for dark brews with high alcohol levels — for instance, we use Abby Ale in our Star Brew. This is because Abby Ale works beautifully with deep maltiness, but our Birch is different. In Birch, the yeast is countered by spicy wood aromas, with a hint of pepper from leaves. It’s a seasonal beer with the scents and aromas of summer, rounded by the mild bitterness of hops.

Hyben (Rosehip)

A red ale, brewed on barley malt, rye malt, hops and rosehip. We’ve picked the rosehip around the brewery, and they add a nice sweetness, balanced by the bitterness of the hops. The red colour is from the rosehip peel, enhanced by red malt types.

Vinterøl (Winter Beer)

A bastard beer, with notes of coffee and orange zest.

We brew Winter Beer in January, and it’s a blend of our Christmas Beer and our Porter, leading the notes of each beer in a new direction. We add coffee from Just Coffee, and the resulting beer is a malty, creamy brew with a light tartness, the bitterness from the coffee and the spice of the oranges.

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