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Hay is the flavour of our landscape, brewed 100% with ingredients from Herslev’s fields and gardens. They’re sour beers with the wild acidity you find in natural wines. The base of the beer is derived from wild-fermented hay,
balanced by the rich depths of our barleymalts – with no hops or bitterness. A fresh, wild and vinous experience like nothing you’ve ever tried before.

Hay is our terroir-beer and the use of wild-fermented hay makes it an innovation in the beer world. The flavours are complex and can be enjoyed by themselves or with a terrific dinner.

With the series Edge, we take hops to the limit. We bump up the nuanced bitterness with a wide range of organic hops; fresh flowers, citrus, sun yellow sharpness, amber tartness. These are beers for anyone who likes to have their
tastebuds challenged by the all the hoppy flavours. Always balanced by the malt from our organic barley fields.

Harmony is a series of beers that celebrate the everyday life. It’s the after-work-beer, the refresher or the break. Harmonious flavours are the heart of the series, ranging from light lunch beers to dark porter. Always focusing on the balance between our homegrown malts and the best organic hops.

This series is all about the down-to-earth craftmanship. Rich traditional brews with harmonious, well-rounded characters. The series represent a broad range of brewing traditions, but common to all of them is their drinkability. They’re beers for all occasions, and maybe especially when there’s no occasion.

Meet our newUnique beers.

What happens when the brewers are free to play and experiment with fermentation, barrel-aging and the fruits from the back-yard? A new series of beers emerge, and we’re calling them Unique. The availability of our experiemental small-batch brews used to be limited to selected bars, but now we’re finally bottling them for you to take home. You’ll know them by this look, but their content can vary greatly.

Our seasonal beers illustrate a year in Herslev. The mood and crops used for these beers conform to the season, and our landscape unfolds in their colours and scents. We brew 8 different seasonal beers, and together they make up our annual cycle. They also showcase many different approaches to brewing, ranging from rich classics like our Trappist Christmas brew Starry Nights to the innovative wheat beer with asparagus that we brew in May.

Hay Soda is an organic refresher with no alcohol, brewed on malt and no added sugar. Hay Soda is an innovation in refreshments. With no sugar, the sweetness is derived solely from the malts in the brewing process, which gives a deeper, more nuanced sweetness than usually found in a soda. The acidity is from our fields as well, from wild-fermented hay, which adds a lovely lightness.

You may ask, is this a beer? Well, the answer depends. It’s brewed with the methods known from beer brewing, extracting the sweetness of the malts, and with the same sense of craftmanship and care for the local ingredients. But the result in this bottle would suit young and old alike, with its fresh acidity and subtle sweetness.

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