Wild Fermented Damson Plum: Blend of 3 Barrels - Herslev Bryghus

Wild Fermented Damson Plum: Blend of 3 Barrels

There’s a damson plum tree in front of the brewery and over the years we’ve picked the fruits and let them ferment with our hay beer in port and whisky barrels. The first barrel was filled in 2015, then we filled two more in 2018. Later, we added the damson plums and the wild-fermentation in the barrels continued and developed. The first batch has clear notes of whisky, the second has developed brettanomyces and the third has a rich fruitiness.
Our blend of the 3 barrels is an orange and deeply vinous experience with an aroma of ripe plums and clear tannins in the aftertaste. Serve at 8-10 °C and allow it a few minutes in the glass before drinking. Perfect with creamy fish dishes or oyster.
Brewed 100% with Herslev’s nature

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11 %


33 cl


22.5 % P


4 % P AE

95 kr.

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