Herslev Bryghus is a unique Danish microbrewery | Read more about us here

Who are we?

Herslev Brewery is run by a handful of brewers and beer farmers, kitchen wizards, drivers and clerks, all working daily at the brewery in the village of Herslev. The brewery shares its walls with the farmshop, where guests can stop by for lunch and try the fresh draft beers – and often smell the malt heating up next door. On the other side of the brewery are the biodynamic fields where we grow the barley, wheat and oat for malts. We work with nature as well as strong local forces to  brew beers that taste of community and pure, seasonal ingredients.


Herslev Bryghus is an organic farm brewery, founded on the dream of brewing on nature’s terms, rather than industry terms. We’re beer growers and beer makers, and we know that beer tastes the best when it’s brewed on the barley malts from our own fields, with the seasonal fruits and flowers from our garden. Our beers are created by brewers who know their craft and let the landscape around us inspire. We nurture the flavours that grow where we live and brew beers that you can enjoy with close friends and new acquaintances. If you enjoy the flavours of nature, brewed with respect and craftsmanship, our beers are for you.

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